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Search Funds

Search funds are an excellent way for an entrepreneur to take an active leadership role with meaningful equity stake in a business. Traditionally, the search fund process involves at least three key sets of players: the searcher(s); the investor(s); and the owner(s) of the target company. 


As a searcher, your choice of corporate entity can vary widely based on your circumstances. It may be best to create an LLC, a C-Corp, or a partnership structure with limited partners and a general partner entity that is itself an LLC. We have experience creating all of these structures and can discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each, helping you to make the best decision for yourself/yourselves and your investors. 


We also help our clients in their negotiations with investors around important economic terms. These negotiations can be particularly sensitive, and working with experienced counsel is key to both protect your interests and to satisfy limited partners.

The cost of these services—creating the entity structure and negotiating subscription agreements—varies based on the complexity involved, but we offer these services on a flat-fee basis so that our clients have price certainty about their legal costs.


We help clients at every stage of their acquisitions, from drafting letters of intent to conducting legal diligence to preparing and negotiating the asset purchase agreement and other related transaction documents. We also provide strategic advice to give our clients a better chance of having their offers accepted and not letting a good deal slip through their fingers. We offer our acquisition services on a flat-fee basis, combining superior service with transparency and price certainty.


After you successfully close a transaction and take over the management of your new company, you will have ongoing legal needs. In certain industry verticals, we offer fractional general counsel services to address those routine legal needs and we will have the benefit of already knowing about the business having gone through the due diligence process with you.


For help with any stage of your search-fund journey, contact us at or click the link below to schedule a time to meet with us.

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