What We Do

We help new companies start down the path to success by providing all the legal documents they need to go from an idea on the back of a napkin to pitching investors. We advise on funding rounds, governance, employee compensation, and protecting intellectual property.

We advise on all aspects of the search fund journey. From choosing the correct fund structure to negotiating with investors to closing on a successful transaction, we help our clients at every step.

We have guided both buyers and sellers in transactions involving all types of digital businesses, from SaaS to eCommerce to content and media companies. We focus on the most important deal terms and help our clients close on their most important transactions.


Many of our clients are not large enough to need a full-time lawyer in-house. For these clients, we fill the role of General Counsel. We navigate corporate matters, but we also use litigation know-how to avoid and navigate disputes that arise.

Flat-Rate Legal Services

We know the importance of budget predictability and so we offer many services as flat-rate investments. When a flat fee arrangement is impractical, we utilize a hybrid billing structure to make advance planning easier.

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